Engine Room Bali SUPER CLUB is one of the best club in Bali, located at jalan legian – Kuta Bali. We were established 7 years ago, August 08th, 2008 to make sure you have an amazing time. we have 4 different bars under 1 roof, come and experience our 4 dj booths which will pump beats from almost ever genres. From R & B, hip hop, dub step, tech house, progressive, top40, EDM, BOUNCE, commercial and more. Our resident DJs are professional and passionate about there job. We have 6 male resident DJ’s, and 4 female resident DJ’s. Engine Room Bali SUPER CLUB will guarantee your safety and comfortable feeling during your party at our venue. 16 CCTV cameras will help us keep you safe inside our walls, to give you a carefree party experience. Our friendly staff will provide you with the information you need, all questions can be answered by of our staff. Our barstaff create some of the tastiest and most affordable drinks in Bali. The atmosphere will brought to you will satisfy refresh your soul. Our marketing staff will always guide you to show you about our venue and facilities, product quality and safety during your party at our venue. The professional SECURITY willl constantly make you feel safe while they sit back and keep the crowd happy, so we can ensure a problem free night. We have a housekeeping team that never stops working they continue to strive and provide clean and sterile environment for the party goers. So…do not hesitate, find us, try us, and join us for the party to satisfy your nightlife desire. We welcome you to try our venue, product and hospitality. Only @Engine Room Bali SUPER CLUB, you will find all you need for the nightlife style and party. Everybodys welcome, everybodys invited. “cos everybody deserve to be special.” In 2013 we won the award for best club in Bali. Don’t forget “OUR NEW VENUE ON THIRD FLOOR, BAR 2 FOR 1 ALL NIGHT WILL SATISFY YOUR DESIRE OF TASTE PLEASURE. WE SERVE BETTER THEN THE OTHERS. We are ready to serve you, we are ready to satisfy your soul and we will bring back your smile. Engine Room Bali Super Club is home for everyone for the nightlife and the destination for the clubber and party people.